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10Gbit Dedicated Storage Servers

High capacity 10Gbit storage solutions at an affordable price

A dedicated server from Dedispec is a great solution for many of your high-performance needs. With a custom built dedicated server from Dedispec you'll be able to build your server to your specific needs for your business, without sharing resources with other users. Whether you're running game severs that require DDoS protection and CPU power, or an I/O intensive mission-critical application, you'll find all of the solutions through Dedispec.

If you're looking for a rapid deployment server that will be ready within an hour after order processing, we recommend you look into our pre-built dedicated servers. They offer high-end configurations at affordable pricing. Check out our available Pre-built Dedicated Servers.

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CPU CPU Cores CPU Speed RAM Storage RAID Bandwidth Provisioning Price
Storage-1 20C / 40T 2.4Ghz - 3.4Ghz 128GB DDR4 ecc 2x 240GB SSD - OS
10x 3TB HDD - RAID 10
LSI 9361-8i RAID with Cache 10Gbit Port (2x 10G LACP): 50TB/Month 3 Days* $200/mo Deploy
Storage-2 20C / 40T 2.4Ghz - 3.4Ghz 256GB DDR4 2x 240GB SSD - OS
20x 3TB HDD - RAID 10
LSI 9361-8i RAID with Cache 10Gbit Port (2x 10G LACP): 100TB/Month 3 Days* $300/mo Deploy
Storage-3 20C / 40T 2.4Ghz - 3.4Ghz 384GB DDR4 2x 240GB SSD - OS
16x 10TB HDD - RAID 10
LSI 9361-8i RAID with Cache 10Gbit Port (2x 10G LACP): 200TB/Month 3 Days* $420/mo Deploy
Storage-4 20C / 40T 2.4Ghz - 3.4Ghz 512GB DDR4 2x 240GB SSD - OS
16x 16TB HDD - RAID 10
LSI 9361-8i RAID with Cache 10Gbit Port (2x 10G LACP): 300TB/Month 3 Days* $550/mo Deploy
* Business days are considered Monday through Friday. Custom servers aren't deployed over the weekend.

Every Custom Dedicated Server Includes:

  • Solid State, SATA, and SAS Drives

    You will find our servers offer a variety of different drive formats, including solid state drives and SATA hard drives. Select servers also offer SAS drives.

  • 100Mbit, 1Gbit and 10Gbit Port Options

    All of our servers come with 100Mbit and 1Gbit port options, with select servers also offering 10Gbit ports.

  • Redundant Low Latency Premium Network

    Whether you're a Dedicated server customer in our West Virginia data center or our Kansas City data center, you will be backed by our fully redundant, ultra low latency premium network.

  • Free DDoS Protection

    All servers within the Kansas City data center include 2G of DDoS mitigation, with additional levels of DDoS protection available as an upgrade.

  • Free IPMI/KVM

    All custom dedicated servers come with free temporary KVM-over-IP, or IPMI when available on compatible servers.

  • 24/7 Support

    Technicians are on-site to handle any questions or problems that arise. Server administrators are also always on-site for any managed dedicated server customers.

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