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Affordable Drive Colocation

With Dedispec's slot hosting, you can send us your drive at an affordable rate of $10/month (paid annually) and we'll place it on your own VPS on one of our slot hosting servers. You can send us a 2.5" or 3.5" drive, SSD or HDD (SATA drives only at this time, no SAS drives), and any capacity up to 8TB. You'll be assigned your own resources on your VPS from CPU, memory and of course your disk. Each VPS has its own boot drive backed by hardware RAID that you can use to install your operating system onto, that way you can keep your data and operating system separated.

While we are excited to launch this new service, we want to make sure there is enough interest first. If this is something you are interested in, or have questions about the setup, please use the sign-up form below. We plan to make a decision very quickly whether we'll launch this service or not, so you won't be sitting around waiting long.

Slot Hosting Includes:

  • Your Own Drives

    You'll be able to send us your own drives, whether they are 2.5" or 3.5", SSD or HDD (SATA drives only at this time, no SAS drives). The slots will support up to 8TB drives.

  • 1Gbit Port Speed

    Each slot VPS will receive 4TB of monthly transfer on a 1Gbit port.

  • KVM Virtualization

    Our slot hosting VPS utilize KVM virtualization, allowing support across some of the most common operating systems.

  • Boot Disk

    Each VPS will have its own small boot disk, allowing you to install the OS to the boot disk and keeping it separated from your drive.

  • Automated OS Installs

    This feature will come shortly after the launch, but we'll offer automatic OS reloads from a list of templates.

  • Combine Plans

    If you purchase multiple plans, you're able to combine slot hosting plans, allowing you to create one larger VPS with 2 or more accessible drives and the ability to add software RAID to them.

Slot Hosting Sign-up Form

If you are interested in the launch of our slot hosting service and would like to be informed once it goes live, please sign up below. Keep in mind, this service will only launch if we receive enough interested individuals.